Out-of-Body Experiences into Space

Space has always held a special fascination for me. As a very young child of no more than 5 or 6 years old I would see vivid images of the cosmos rising into my awareness. I remember one in particular of the rings of Saturn, full with colour and an almost incomprehensible sense of expanse. Later, when I began to leave my physical body behind, through an out-of-body experience, it was only natural that my curiosity would lead me beyond the Earth. In my first journey into space I was struck again by that sense of limitless expanse and although I did move far from the Earth I could see all around me the familiar Solar system with the Sun and Moon being particularly prominent in my experience that day. Later, as I developed more, I found my 'self' standing on a street corner close to where I grew up, when the idea to travel to the Sun entered my mind. I was even curious how long it would take me to reach it, would it be faster than the speed of light? I crouched down and then leaped up with as much force as I could. Almost before I could even become aware of where I was I knew I had reached the Sun and actually was drifting into it. There was no sense of heat or extreme light, simply an awareness of the subatomic nature of what was happening around me. The intense light was somehow being filtered out. When I returned to physical awareness I immediately looked up the speed of light in a science book (671 million miles per hour). This meant that it would take around 8 minutes for the light from the Sun to reach the Earth, meaning that I must have been travelling faster than light, or connecting to non-local perceptions in-line with what we know about Quantum Entanglement. The fascination I felt on the day of that experiment has not left me and I still find my out-of-body experiences into space among the most fascinating. More recently I have had two very powerful OBEs into space. The first took place in October 2008, I described it in my journal like this: "I left my body to find my eyes met by a deep translucent blue, edged by the purest black I have ever seen. As I looked around me the gradual formation of what I realised was the Earth's atmosphere appeared like a wall of mist in the sunlight. I could sense the subtle almost indiscernible rotation of the planet as I hung in the air at the threshold of space. The curvature of the Earth disappearing into the distance. I watched the shapes and swirls of oceans and continents far below, unable to apprehend their full beauty. A few minutes later I found myself back in my body, lying in bed with only the subtle glow of a candle lighting the room. I laid there for what seemed like hours just thinking about what had happened." The second OBE took place on May 22nd, 2012. Almost as soon as I closed my eyes I felt movement and became aware of being beyond my body. As my vision became clear and focused I could see the smooth surface of what looked like the Moon as I moved above. Yet something was strange about it, it seemed smooth, not how I'd imagined the Moon, or seen it through binoculars and NASA photographs. Then something even more out of character seemed to become highlighted as I moved over the surface. There was what looked like a ridge running through the moon's surface. This seemed to divide it into two halves, the one I was moving towards being darker in colour than the first half. As I came close to this darker half the experience felt like it was breaking up, or dissolving, and I found myself back in my body moments later. I knew this strange moon had not been the one I knew from the night sky, so was this some aspect of my imagination? I decided to research if any moon in our solar system matched with what I'd seen. Within moments I found Iapetus, the third largest moon of Saturn. The picture (see right) was extremely close to what I'd seen and other images I located confirmed both the unusual ridge and the discolouration to one side of the moon. These recent journeys into our solar system have only cemented my desire for further space exploration, I hope that in the future I can venture deeper towards black holes, supernovas, and maybe even explore the secrets of how our universe came to be...   If you found this article interesting please share it and help build awareness and understanding of the nature of non-local consciousness, thank you. Find out more about OBE coaching with Graham Nicholls