My second book, Navigating the Out of Body Experience: Radical New Techniques, published by Llewellyn is out now. The book has a foreword by renowned bestselling author and OBE expert , J. H. Brennan. He describes the book like this:

“There are a great many other books on OOBEs and astral projection. A trawl of the Internet will quickly deliver scores of techniques that promise to place these fascinating experiences in your own hands. None of them — and I reluctantly place my own work in this category — can hold a candle to the book you have in your hands now.”

– J. H. Brennan, Bestselling author of Astral Doorways

“Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, stands out as one of the best books on the subject”

– Thomas Campbell, NASA physicist and author of My Big TOE.

“Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, is a great book! I got into it and couldn’t stop, I couldn’t put it down, it’s one of those page turners, I really loved it!”

– Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

Navigating the Out of Body Experience, includes exciting new techniques developed over more than two decades that go far beyond the usual visualisation methods that dominate the literature on the topic. The book also explores the science in the area and how the verified findings can offer insights and approaches to maximise your chance of consistently leaving your body. The book includes an explanation of the G-Technique, Three-Dimensional System and even a specially designed questionnaire to help you get the most tailored programme from the book. Overall, with this book you can stepped outside of the box of previous notions of how to leave the body and delved into new territory. 

"I am very excited about the impact that these methods and techniques will have on the next generation of out-of-body explorers."  - Graham Nicholls