Infra-liminal sound is an innovative sound technology developed over many years that does not use binaural beats or isochronic tones, and creates remarkable changes in the conscious state of those who work with it. There are two tracks, the 1.0 Vibrational state recording, designed to guide to the vibrational state, the most common access route to out-of-body experiences.

Infra-liminal technology is available as a download
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I am very pleased to announce a new version of my Infra-liminal sound technology. This version is layered with relaxing water sounds and is designed to be listened to during the pre-sleep period (hypnagogia). The frequencies and form of the recording are designed to create an ideal state for those who would like to have OBEs from sleep or dream states and are in the Type 2 category as outlined in my book Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience. The two recordings of Infra-liminal sound work in a complimentary way, one being focused on waking (Type 1) states and the new deep mind version is for the sleep or dreaming state (Type 2). It is of course common for people to fall somewhere in the middle or to want to optimise their approach by utilising both forms of Infra-liminal sound.

The Deep Mind version has been developed and tested since 2012 and when used consistently helps to build the state of mind for consistent out-of-body experiences from a sleeping, lucid or semi-conscious state.

The recording is designed in 20 min cycles, as this is a common duration for trance states and the OBE process. You can simply fall asleep with the track playing, or listen to 1 to 4 cycles (the track is 80 mins long).

The History of Infra-liminal Sound

In 1998 I was studying a range of technologies at University in London, most of which focused around audio/visual applications. In my spare time I was also experimenting with a project and software called SBaGen. This project had an active mailing list, and a close friend who was training to be a psychiatrist was also active in the group. We shared various binaural files and explored their effects. But overall I was disappointed with binaural technology and envisioned a more multi-sensory system

I began to explore virtual reality (VR), Ericksonian hypnosis, and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to try and deepen the impact of what I was doing. I also began to look into other areas, including the sensory deprivation research of John Zubek, a scientist who in the 1950s and 60s spent 15 years experimenting with the impacts of reducing our sensory perceptions. I also explored the wider research into sound, in as many forms as I could gain access to in the early days of the internet, and with few publications on the subject. I soon found that complex patterns of sound that I created using neuro-feedback were more effective in inducing altered states in those who I worked with. So I abandoned the well worn paths of binaural beats and began the process of developing what is today Infra-liminal sound. 

Sensory deprivation research undertaken by Dr. John Zubek.
As I had been exploring the out-of-body experience (OBE) for nearly a decade in 1998, I was already skilled at entering the vibrational state, and felt this might be the key to helping others have OBEs. I used neuro-feedback technology to explore training myself with the state, and also to see how different frequencies changed my mood, brain state, or the sensations in my body. The result of exploring all of these many areas in conjunction was clear, these complex sound patterns created something more powerful and would be what I came to call Infra-liminal sound - 'Infra', meaning below, and 'liminal', meaning the transitional stage, or borderline between states of mind.

The Vibrational State and the Out-of-Body Experience

One of the most potent, and the most widely tested, uses of Infra-liminal sound is to induce the vibrational state. The vibrational state is a set of sensations felt within, or close by the surface of the body, that according to most accounts feel something akin to an electrical current. It has various degrees of intensity, ranging from a mild wave (as I experience it) to an intense rushing sensation. It appears to relate to the process of transitioning from one state of awareness to another, or a heightening of some form of energy. There are differing views on what the vibrational state is, but what most agree on, is it is a common sign before an out-of-body experience occurs. As I outline in my second book, Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, I suspect this state can have healing benefits, and needs to be researched far more. Infra-liminal sound guides the vast majority of people to this heightened state, and thus brings them to the point of exiting the body. With some practice inducing an OBEs can become consistent and can be incorporated into wider spiritual practices. For example a recent student, who is also a Yoga instructor began using the technology with his students at the end of the class, with some powerful results: 

“I start the Infra-liminal at the very end of practice, before savasana begins. We listen to it for 15 to 20 minutes at the end of every class, while I sit and read. My wife, Jen, was out of her body enough to hear what sounded like a gunshot (there was no audible loud or sharp noise of any kind) and she fell back into her body and waked suddenly. She has also had vivid imagery come to her but it fades quickly. She is able to settle very deeply into a relaxed state and feels as if she is “away from her body” while listening. Jen reports that she sometimes experiences a longer sense of time, of time passing slowly and also of having a difficult or distant response in returning to her body and the room. Sometimes I sound extremely far away when I close savasana and end the class.

Yet it was not only his wife Jen who has these experiences, other members of the class also describe continuing experiences beyond the physical body through Infra-liminal sound.

Collin found himself in a grassy place with no buildings around and no personal awareness of civilization at the moment. He was startled by something in the grassy location and jumped there, which in turn caused him to jump back into his body with a vivid, clear recollection of the experience. Amanda, Beth and Hillary have all had visions, interactions and remote viewing experiences with and of loved ones and pets, but they have not confirmed the details as far as I know. Hillary also spoke out loud as a result of a conversation she was having while out of body. People report both that time appears not to pass at all and also that they have been gone for extended periods. Most students report feeling as if they are gone, have lost bodily awareness or are floating in a very peaceful place or state of mind. The audio has profound effects on people who come to class and have not previously heard the sounds or had much, or any, experience of that kind of brain altering technology. It has been extremely beneficial for people in terms of integrating class and relaxing more fully both into, and out of, their bodies. No one in the group has prior experience with astral projection or shifting their consciousness to remote points or other places, but the sound itself does the job for them, in part, especially after class.

The Healing Power of Sound

When a man based in Ireland named Eamon signed up for private tuition with me, I didn't imagine that it would change the way I view Infra-liminal technology. I had long suspected that the sound patterns within my recordings could have therapeutic benefits, yet until that point I had not had chance to really explore the possibilities. Eamon, a longterm Buddhist meditator and therapist, knew immediately that the Infra-liminal sound was taking him deeper into his psyche than is generally possible without years of meditational practice. I received an email from him about a week into his work with the Infra-liminal sound, he wrote: "It is truly the most powerful practice I have ever done, and I have read, attended retreats, talks, meditated, but nothing has been so transformative. "  That was just the beginning, because as Eamon continued to explore within his own practice he began to consider the possibilities for those he worked with, many of whom suffered with extreme addictions.

The first person the Infra-liminal recordings really seemed to help, in a therapeutic sense, was a young man named Mark. He was addicted to Xanax and other benzodiazepines (a group of medications used to treat anxiety disorders), and he was also dependent on Cannabis. Eamon describes the process of working with Mark,

"We did several sessions of Infra-liminal sound, and over a period of time he decided to cut himself down off of the Xanax. He did so over a period of 7 weeks having come off this and other pills, but still using marijuana on a daily basis, we continued Infra-liminal sessions and I also taught him a simple meditation technique. Over a few months he developed an interest in Buddhism, meditating regularly and reading texts. Later he stopped smoking marijuana as he realised it wasn’t useful to him, and has gone on to study in college. When I spoke to him last he was doing ok in his life and no longer needed to attend therapy.”

I met with Mark in Dublin just as he was applying to go to college, he thanked me for the help the Infra-liminal sound had been to him, and talked positively about his future. I was moved by the whole experience and the potential that I could see in the shift that this peaceful, yet powerful process could afford people.

Infra-liminal creator Graham Nicholls and Eamon

A New Form of Sound Technology

To this day I constantly hear that Infra-liminal sound and it's evolving patterns, and uses have a far more potent effect than many other forms of sound, probably because of the specific focus I had in those early days of developing it. I once asked one of my OBE students, a woman in her 60s named Madeleine, to describe her experience with Infra-liminal sound to someone who was considering using it, her words sum up what I hear on a regular basis: “[The] Infra-liminal soundscape had a strong impact on me and I felt the waves basically from the get go. After a while I even had to change to one of Graham’s more subtle soundscapes. I also do have quite some experience with binaural beats and isochronic tones, but found that Graham’s Infra-liminal technology has a much stronger effect. Anyways, you need to check it out for yourself, since we are all individuals. Good luck and have fun!”

I feel that the work I have done since 1998 to develop and refine this technology is just the beginning. There is a vast potential for this technology to benefit people, both through consciousness exploration, and through the therapeutic potential for those with addictions and other issues.

Infra-liminal technology is available as a download in AIFF format, or pre-loaded onto a USB drive in a gift case, via the links below, currently on offer at over 60% off. Infra-liminal sound is an innovative new sound technology that does not use binaural beats or isochronic tones, and creates remarkable changes in those who work with it.


Whilst we take all reasonable care, by purchasing Infra-liminal products from State 1 International Ltd., and Graham Nicholls, you are doing so entirely at your own risk and no responsibility can be taken for any injury of any type, physical or otherwise, suffered by you or any participant. By using these recordings you accept responsibility for your own safety and well-being. If in doubt please seek medical/professional advice before using the sound recordings.