Consciousness Beyond the Body - Free eBook

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the new collaborative book, Consciousness Beyond the Body. The project brings together many important authors in the area of consciousness exploration and research, including: Anthony Peake, Robert Waggoner, Jurgen Ziewe, and Robert Peterson to name a few. My chapter in the book focuses on the rational exploration of the research into veridical or objective perception with the out-of-body experience, and outlines research into vision within the OBE that I'm currently conducting. My chapter is available to download for free from my website. I am very excited about the possibilities for this book, as there really isn't anything like it out there.

The last real review of the experience in a scientific way was Susan Blackmore's sceptical book published over thirty years ago. I sincerely believe this book will set the standard for reviews of the topic and help to engage more serious research in the area. Something, as I mentioned above, I am currently focused on (if you are interested in taking part in my research I am first planning to analyse people's most recent experience, so get in touch if you've had an OBE in the last few days or weeks). If you would like to read the full book it will be available shortly on Kindle and all the various eBook formats for free.

Do share your feedback on the book and take a moment to review it on Amazon once it appears, it will really help get the word out, and allow as many people as possible to enjoy this totally free resource.