Graham Nicholls Healing Sessions in London

Like most areas of Graham Nicholls' work he takes a very holistic approach to healing, looking at psychology, nutrition, subjective traits, as well as energetic healing modalities. Evidence based medicine should always be the basis of any healing approach, which can then be enhanced by exploring subjective elements of our emotional/spiritual make up. In this way, Graham sees his healing process as a consultation, as well as a direct healing session.

Healings are also available worldwide depending upon Graham's travel schedule. You can opt for a single one off session, or arrange a series of sessions for deeper shifts in your personal well-being.

Healing sessions focus on:

  • Vibrational state healing
  • Using Infra-liminal technology
  • Whole plant food nutrition
  • Techniques to deal with fear and anxiety
  • Breathing techniques for energy work and wellness
  • Healing and growth
  • Wider changes in lifestyle
  • Meditation methods for inner calm, happiness, purpose and meaning in life

Pricing and quotes

Please use the contact form for bookings, more information, and to make special arrangements for a healing session in central London. As healing is arranged to your specific needs, sessions usually run over half a day and explore a range of areas for the best possible outcome.

2 Hours costs £250 (Block Booking Discount - Three sessions paid in advance = £675 instead of £750)
3 Hours costs £375 (Block Booking Discount - Three sessions paid in advance = £1,010 instead of £1,12)

For more information and to book please use this form: