What is a Master Class?

A Master Class is somewhere between a workshop and private tuition. Some students want to visit Graham at his base in Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia, or arrange a week of training at a retreat location worldwide. The classes are limited to a few participants, from 1 to 3, and each day is a combination of leisure time and learning.

Master Classes are available in the summer in Estonia, and throughout the year worldwide (the US, Asia and Australia etc.) depending upon Graham's travel commitments. The daily schedule for trainings is based upon 3 hours of one-to-one teaching plus 2 hours of practice per day. The rest of the day is free for visiting historical sites and places of interest, or other arranged activities.

Graham's approach is to take you deep into the experience and Master Classes can include trips to sacred sites, floatation tank sessions, spiritual music performances and meditation training.


Your accommodation is included as part of your Master Classes. You will usually be accommodated in a self-catering apartment, or suitable hotel. If your classes are taking place in Tallinn you will be accommodated in the historic Old Town.

Master Classes can also be arranged with Graham Nicholls at locations throughout the world depending upon his travel commitments.

Pricing and quotes

Use the contact form for quotes, more information, and to make special arrangements for a Master Class in your area or as part of a trip to one of Graham's Master Class locations. As Master Classes are arranged to your specific needs and interests, pricing is arranged on a person by person basis. Prices start from £2000 GBP inclusive of accommodation.

For more information please use this form: