Out-of-Body Experiences: The Keys to Success – Research Fundraising Webinar

Why not learn to have out-of-body experiences, or gain more understanding and control, while also supporting research into the area? In this two hour webinar author and OBE specialist Graham Nicholls will guide you through areas including the vibrational state, the void state, the entended mind, OBE nutrition, immersion technology  and his Infra-liminal™ recordings.

Time: December 16th 2012 13:00 UK time (15:00 Tallinn time or UTC/GMT +02:00) 

About the research

This project is designed to fund research into out-of-body experiences, personal development tools, the nature of consciousness and related areas. Graham Nicholls has been developing immersive technology since 1998. With his many years of experience he now wants to take his research further and explore the therapeutic and health supporting benefits of his technology and approaches. Many of his students have expressed benefits far beyond the original intention behind the design. To allow this work to benefit the maximum number of people Graham Nicholls now wants to purchase new equipment and bring in scientists in a range of fields to support his work. The out-of-body experience or OBE has rarely been studied in detail since the 1960s when technology and scientific protocols were not as advanced as they are today. If OBEs are objective, as they appear to be, they will offer great insight into the nature of consciousness and humanity’s biggest questions.

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